Protenus: Trailer

Data Breaches. False-Positives. Incidents of Diversion. The digital brave new world can be a treacherous one. Fortunately, there is Protenus and its relentless agents of patient protection. No threat is too small for these AI-infused heroes of healthcare.


Client: Protenus
Directed by: Fern
Producer: Michael Cambardella
Design: Julian Haddad
Editor: James Mabery
Animation: James Mabery, Dieguito Pritchett, Adam Henderson
Modeling: James Mabery, Nelson Delarosa
Lighting & Rendering: James Mabery
Music: Jordan Allen White
Sound Design: Zing Audio     

In this short, our protagonist receives word that a risk has been detected somewhere in the vast, complex corporate system. The mission? Shine a light on the darkest corners of healthcare.


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