Fern is an animation & design studio that takes pride in creating bonafide work.

Our diverse collection of award-winning content includes illustrations, music videos, short films, motion design, and brand product videos. And, mmhmm, we design for brands, too.

But we aren't anything without all the good folks who make up Fern. We come from various backgrounds and upbringings, combining our capabilities to make something powerful.

Let’s do some good together.

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Who we are
Art Director & Illustrator

Alexandra may seem like your regular illustrator but in reality she is just a space vampire who tricked her fellow fronds. 

A lady-fern by day, picture book illustrator by night, her creative passion is narrative storytelling 
by focusing on the development 
of elaborate characters and environments.

Beware of opening the pandora’s box of fantasy novels and series.

Animator & Illustrator

Quincy is a tea-drinking, sweater-wearing moss lover from the wilds of Ohio.

His work celebrates the strange and forgotten with naturalistic animation and solidly stylized characters.

With wider interests in visual development, game design and writing, his style encourages the world to be a little more curious.


In a small kingdom far, far away in the North lives an animator named Lykke. She enjoys working in traditional and 3D animation and has a great passion for creating memorable character-driven stories through her character design.

Outside of animation, she has an interest in fashion, psychology, and film. And as a Danish viking descent, she takes pleasure in sailing, and traveling to new parts of the world - with a cold beer in her hand.

Senior Producer

Megan has worked in large and small agency environments and blends a variety of client service experience into her role. She goes above and beyond to help clients with strategic branding initiatives, video, production and project management. Megan leads the charge from start to finish and loves seeing a project come to life.

Outside of Fern, she goes by dog mom and real mom—both dog and baby keep her on her toes!

Woo Young

Woo Young Kim is a motion graphic designer and animator from South Korea.

He is passionate about general craftsmanship and his VHS animation-addicted childhood became the basis of his enthusiasm for motion. He aims to communicate his experiences through emotion-oriented character animation.

When he is off work, you can find him giving a fresh haircut to his friends.

Executive Producer

Caroline is passionate about relationship-building and creative problem-solving, with a cup of coffee in hand, of course.

She’s produced creative for non-profits and Fortune 500 brands on both the client and agency side.

She’s inspired by travel and sharing stories and home-cooked meals around the table.

Founder & Animation Director

James is a pretend botanist and an occasional baker of bread and pastries.

Outside of plants and baked goods, he's been in the creative industry for 18 years. In his career, James worked as a designer for 6 years then his work evolved to the animation side of things.

You’ll rarely see him in the wild without wearing a ball cap. And, there’s an off chance that he may talk to you about his four kitters.


Inés is a Venezuelan-born, Miami-raised producer with experience ranging from micro-budget music videos, to multinational episodic television, and independent features.

Her passion lies in sparking moments of happiness through the power of storytelling. She is optimistic, friendly, and a true believer in the magic of a good spreadsheet.

On weekends, you can find her cooking up new ice cream recipes, or hiking with her rambunctious pup, Jack.

Animator & Illustrator

From Northern Spain, Alvaro is a motion designer with a particular interest in narrative and character design.

He is driven to fun yet simple stories with conceptual ideas. He also has a deep passion for music and believes in the importance of those elements inside the communicative experience.

When he is not working, you can find him doing video chats with his doggo Pepe and his cat Anselmo.


A lover of anthropology, history, and literature Lainey is a Las Vegas-born artist that has a passion for character design and storyboarding. Fueled by the larger-than-life stories of her childhood, humorous and occasionally dramatic plays, and her own unique life experiences, Lainey enjoys finding ways to weave her interests into the illustrations and tales she tells. She also strives to make her characters as adventurous, brave, and fearless as the heroes in her well-loved books.

And when Lainey is not working, she is probably off taking long music-filled adventure walks in her desert backyard or experimenting in the kitchen cooking up vegetarian quiches and pasta!

Design Director

Lacey is an experienced design director who has led the creative efforts for a variety of branding, online experiences, and digital products with both studios and partners—including WarnerMedia, Under Armour, Google, Dolby, and Capital One.

She is most interested in creating meaningful, fulfilling work through design.

Studio Manager

Ellen is a process junkie from the initial idea to final completion.

Her experience includes administrative responsibilities, process implementation, creative production, and managing and achieving company goals, all of which she handles smoothly and on-time. 

In North West Georgia born and raised, on the playground is where this mom spends most of her off-days.

A few of our partners
100 Black Men of Atlanta
Alabama Power
Alfa Rococo
Emory Healthcare
Georgia Aquarium
Georgia Power
Google Nest
McKinsey & Co
Miller Brooks
Publicis Sapient
Second Story
Stanford University
State Farm
The Atlantic
The Martin Agency
Vox Media

Unexpected Discoveries (2017)

  • Vimeo Staff Pick
  • London Film Awards: Best Animated Short Film
  • Los Angeles Animation Festival: Best Art Direction
  • Amsterdam International Film Festival: Special Jury Prize
  • Paris Short Film Festival: Best Short Short Film Award
  • Miami Short Film Festival: Finalist for Best Animated Short
  • Columbus International Film and Animation Festival: Finalist for Best Animated Short

Open Positions

We are always on the lookout for amazing talent.
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May 24, 2021
May 24, 2021