State Farm: Power of Three

State Farm and our fronds at YML put a lot of time and effort into crafting a compelling strategy for a new "self-service tools" initiative. Rather than all of that great work sitting in a Powerpoint deck, together we proposed to turn it into an animated short. 


    Client: YML / State Farm
Directed by: Fern
Creative Direction: James Mabery 
Producer: Michael Cambardella
Art Direction: Alexandra Badiu
Design: James Mabery, Alexandra Badiu, Basak Buse Ozer, Jieyu Deng 
Animation: James Mabery, Josh Parker, Adam Henderson, Melisa Farina, Marie Eriksen, Fabio Valensini, Ameen Shahid, Melisa Farina 
Script: Michael Cambardella
Music & Sound: Jordan White and Zing Audio    

The thinking: Beautifully crafted characters and stories that pull on the heartstrings of the audience, getting them excited about diving into the nitty-gritty details of a tedious deck. We couldn't have agreed more. From the script, style, animation, and music, we brought it all together to show off a new side of State Farm.


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