Philly Water

The Philly Water Department reached out to us to help them spread the message about water line breaks. We came up with a couple of creative and light-hearted stories that they used on their social platform for the Philadelphians.


Client: Philly Water
Directed by: Fern
Creative Direction: James Mabery 
Executive Producer: Caroline Lobo
Design: Alexandra Badiu, Jieyu Deng, Di Fang
Animation: Axel Kinnear, Anastasiya Gracheva, Di Fang
Script: James Mabery
Music & Sound: Zing Audio ​​     

Both the Visual & Animated treatments join together to create a clear, clever, and stylistic message to the audience. The overall aesthetic of color, composition, story is to entice the viewer to engage and learn more about how Philly's Water Dept cares.


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