Georgia Aquarium: Beyond the Breaking Waves.

More coming soon!

We had a blast creating this work for the

Georgia Aquarium! We utilized our animation & cheerful color skills to play off the costume design, choreography, and sound from Beyond the Breaking Waves.


Client: Georgia Aquarium
Directed by: James Mabery
Executive Producer: Caroline Lobo
Illustration: James Mabery, Alexandra Badiu, Jake Page, and Lykke Dalum 
Animation: Lykke Dalum, Adam Henderson, James Mabery, Oliver McCabe, Alexandra Badiu, and Marta Dziedzic

We create an atmosphere of grandeur to draw attention to specific moments in the show but play off the scale of the theatre and perspective of the audience. Our goal is to excite guests and bring additional fun and imagination to the GA Aquarium.

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