BCGBoldly Connect

Boston Consulting Group created an internal campaign – Boldly Connect –

to inspire and educate their workforce about emerging digital tools. To capture their ethos, we took their initial creative and pushed it further.


Client: BCG
Directed by: Fern
Creative Direction: James Mabery 
Producer: Michael Cambardella
Art Direction: Alexandra Badiu
Design: James Mabery, Alexandra Badiu, Basak Buse Ozer, Jieyu Deng, Maria Giemza
Animation: James Mabery, Fabio Valesini, Adam Henderson, Reece Parker
Script: Michael Cambardella
Music & Sound: Zing Audio ​     

We added diversity to the characters through a variety of physical traits. The sound design and synth-driven track hook the audience in from the first note, while clean lines and minimalist design keep them engaged to the very end.


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